What is Body Sugaring? & How Does Body Sugaring Work?

Body Sugaring is the safest and most natural method used to extract unwanted hair. Body Sugar is never applied hot it is applied warm and acclimates to the body’s own temperature which allows for a much less painful experience for hair extraction.  Because Body Sugar only adheres to dead skin cells, it can be re-applied multiple times to the same area which makes it possible to remove the shortest of hairs.

Sugar gently exfoliates dead skin cells leaving it silky and smooth. Body Sugar is a natural preservative as well an anti-bacterial.

 All  Body sugaring services are done strictly by hand (no strips).

Sugar paste is moulded onto the skin against the natural  direction of hair growth, resulting in less breakage of hair at the follicle and fewer ingrown hairs. When hair is extracted against the direction of growth it can deform the follicle and create more ingrown hairs. 

Why is Body Sugaring a more appealing Method of Hair Removal?

The sugaring technique is more appealing for many reasons. Sugar paste is molded onto the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth and then flicked off in the same direction of hair growth.This results in less breakage of the hair follicle. Other services such as waxing, the hair is removed in the opposite direction of hair growth.This can cause more breakage of the hair follicle. Wax adheres to live skin cells which can result in tearing of the skin, where Body Sugar only adheres to dead skin cells so the skin is left feeling silky smooth and there is no chance of tearing. Wax is often applied hot and can burn the skin, where Body sugar is applied warm and acclimates to the body’s temperature. Body Sugaring is the most sanitary way to manually remove hair, there is no double dipping; the same ball of sugar is used to remove all the hair in the desired area.